3D Product Mockup and CGI Visualisation

Product Visuals

Product Visuals

Using basic information supplied by you, we can produce a 3D digital model of your product. Our technique enables a customer to view a “virtually finished” product, giving them the opportunity to instantly compare alternative design solutions, before commencing the project. The benefits of this process can reduce costs significantly by avoiding re-work and poor decisions at an early stage.


3D CAD Model

Add Colour

Add Texture

Rendering (Light and Shadows)

3D Scans


Photo-realistic images and prints

3D printed physical scaled model

3D file for cutting material (CNC)

Video file for marketing and demonstrating animation

Shopping list for materials


Waste material is avoided

Cost is saved

Easily view all components of 3D assembly

Assembly instructions can be more graphic. This overcomes language barriers.

Visual training material can be produced

Examples Gallery

See a selection of our previous work.

About PrePlan 3D

We are a family business with over 40 years of experience in Aerospace Design which includes 27 years in 3D digital design technologies.

22 years ago, we designed and built our home, using 3D software.

Available information is used to develop an accurate 3D digital model for visualisation, analysis and visual reporting. Architecture (exterior, interior and landscape) can be modelled.

The output can be presented by various methods to meet customer needs. Virtual reality with headset and/or large screen in our studio.  Walk/fly thru video, and still image files can be supplied in formats to suit customer’s hardware.  Images produced include floorplans, elevations, cut-away views, exploded views, etc.

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This project was part-funded under Priority 6 (Leader) of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, and the European Union.
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